This is the jewel of the music industry as we promote incredible entertainers in music, dance and film. This aspect of RWMedia also holds the Black Music Awards in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland/ San Francisco/ Bay Area, with affliliates in Detroit and chapters planned for Atlanta and Houston. New artists, independent artists, actors, musicians, and composers in a variety of skills are nominated for the coveted BMA in their region. 

We also recognize the living legends, current stars and stars on the rise to
create the most exciting Awards shows in the nation.

We are delighted to invite you to participate and become part of the family of entertainers, industry professionals, musicians, business leaders, community leaders and social conscious development sponsoring partners with the Black Music Association & Academy Of The Arts And Music Sciences.

We have Black Music Awards presentations to great entertainers and community leaders in Sacramento; Chicago; Detroit; Oakland/Bay Area; Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We publish our own newspaper which is Today's Times Newspaper and our industry magazine BMA Magazine to focus on the honorees, nominees and legends with insightful feature articles and advertisement programs. Our mission ever since 1999 is to shine a light on the historic contributions of those incredible masters of music. Our moniker, "Our Rhythm Is Life," describes the value and importance of music as it pertains to chronicling the lives of African Americans and others who identify with Black Music domestically and worldwide.

A great many composers, writers, musicians and entertainers have been involved with the BMA (please see attached Welcome To The Black Music Association document) because of the meaningful impetus we place on our future. Young people need role models who they can ascertain information from that will prove valuable tools in their personal ascension to manifest a better quality of life. The BMA works closely with "Future Stars," to assist in their transitions and become a giving guide to higher heights of success with our mentoring programs and instruments donor programs.

The BMA Hall Of Fame is a home to the most accomplished "Living Legends" and legacies in the world. We honor the trendsetters, the founders and the prolific geniuses that have generational impact on the music industry...and in the lives of people who relate to their music through memories and motivations with the dignity and respect they have so justifiably earned. We ask that you please, take time to review the attached documents and become involved in the Black Music Awards. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rick Warren, CEO/President    |   916 477-0157    |

The BMA Magazine

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