We are delighted to have this amazing opportunity to invite you to the first ever Juneteenth Online Festival Portal, that will be available from June 19-June 28, 2020 online featuring workshops, seminars, entertainment, exhibitors and all the happenings at the Juneteenth Festival plus more features online for the world to see so we will maximize your opportunities. We will also have informative community forums and seminars for people information all day at the park and for a full week online so everyone can learn how they can create a better life for their future and for the future of generations to come.  

      RW Media and Black Expo Events along with Today's Times Newspaper invite you the most spectacular celebration of opportunity and unity ever presented to honor the true meaning of Juneteenth a time when America recognizes the end of slavery. This year the first ever Juneteenth Online Festival will host the concerts, the music, the exhibit booths, workshops, seminars and interactive fun all online. It's just like being in the park, but even more exciting! Just login from June 19 until June 28 for 24 hours of fun, information, news, and resources. Take a look at our Concert Channel for performances by the superstars of music; our Gospel Channel; Hip Hop Channel; Jazz Channel; Blues Channel and R&B Channel will feature even more music from a variety of artists.

      Plus, visit our Juneteenth Festival Expo where corporations, companies and business owners actually have exhibit booths for you to peruse to find jobs, homeownership, health resources, business opportunities, and share your ideas and concepts.

    People will follow the Exhibit Booth link to a Profile Page, then to their web presence and to their purchase pages if you are looking to buy items. The Juneteenth Online Festival is the most efficient and appropriate way to continue to promote and stay community engaged with the African American community worldwide so you will maintain a presence to distribute your goods, service and products while sustaining your brand.

   Education and opportunities are vision of hope that we must bring our people and especially our young future leaders. Our community is built on the continued success and brilliance so that everyone can embrace the Freedoms that Blacks and others have fought for and many have died to deliver so that Juneteenth was able to come into fruition and make slavery of the mind and body only a historic account of what should never happen again.

      Take part in the Official Juneteenth Festival Online and become part of the most innovative and exciting celebration of opportunity and unity ever. Call 916 477-0157 to reserve your Sponsorship, Exhibit Booth and Brand Building opportunity.

Dr. Rick Warren, CEO/Founder

Mr. Warren, also founder of the Sacramento Black Expo, has served the local community for over 40 years.

Erik is a long time Sacramento resident, local community supporter, brand consultant, and family man.

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